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A modest addition, like wood stairs, can occasionally completely transform the appearance of a house component. You may get the style and aesthetic you want for your restoration project by comparing box newels and turned newels. When it comes to your new or updated design, even a seemingly insignificant distinction, such as a solidly constructed box newel against a modern-looking turned newel, may make all the difference. Discover the distinctions between a box newel and a turned newel in the following paragraphs to choose which style will work best for your design of wood stairs.

What is a Newel?

The center support pole and column in the building of a staircase is referred to as a newel. The square newel base must be fastened to the central supporting pillar of the staircase in order for it to be installed. Depending on how your wood stairs are constructed, there are many newel varieties. The pattern and wood of certain newels are visible since they are uncovered. A wall or other form of design may conceal the newel in certain smaller dwellings. The newel is a decorative element that unites the overall design of the staircase with the rest of the house for the majority of wooden staircases. The stair banister's railing is supported by the upright. Newels have frequently included ornate trim and design in many architectural types since the advent of modern architecture.

What is a box newel?

These newels are referred to as hollow newels when referring to box newels. Wikipedia states that the hollow box newel was a characteristic of traditional structures and was used to contain the house designs before being topped off after the house was finished. Different kinds of wood work better for making woodworking tools. So think about whether employing woodworking tools on your newel is going to be a practical option based on the sort of wood you want to use to create your wood staircase project. Compared to the turned newel, the Box newel may be made using less woodworking equipment.

What is a turned newel?

Turned newels are exactly what they sound like: slender, spherical pieces of wood that are turned on a lathe. The box newel is hollow, whereas a turned newel is solid in both design and construction. Depending on how it is created on the lathe, a turned newel can have a number of patterns. Because woodworkers can create a variety of patterns to suit virtually any sort of home design and style, custom newels are quite popular.

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