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What wood do manufacturers use for stairs?

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What wood do manufacturers use for stairs?

Stairs can be intimidating. There are so many choices, pieces, parts, and they all have to go together safely and have a perfect fit. NEFS provide various kinds wood species for our stairs.

NEFS offers stairs in 8 standard wood options, North American red oak, white oak, poplar, maple, alder, hemlock, European beech and pine etc. Other custom varieties are available.

Stair Parts Wood Species

Pine: Southern Yellow Pine is the most common material used to make stairs because of its strength and cost. Because its economical, there are several following grades of wood.

  1. Carpet Grade: This pine is used for stairs intended to be covered with carpet, or for basement stairs, where cost outweighs aesthetics.  Carpet-grade pine is knotty and may have drastic color variations, as well as voids of up to an inch in diameter filled with putty.

  2. Paint Grade: This grade has fewer knots and less checking that carpet grade pine.  There may be some graying or discoloration in the wood as it will be covered with paint.

  3. Stain Grade: For a uniform grain and minimal small knots choose stain grade.  This wood should be considered the minimum for a finished staircase.

  4. Clear Pine: The highest level of pine available is clear.  In clear pine, the grain is vertical and contains no knots.  It is expected that a clear finish will be applied to the wood and they will be in a highly visible area.

Poplar: Color variation and distinctive grain is common in poplar.  However, it accepts paint well and is nearly clear.  Because of these characteristics, poplar is commonly used in painted or carpeted stairs.  It is the lease expensive of the hardwoods.

Hardwoods: Oak, Cherry, and Maple are the most popular types of hardwoods.  When stairs are made out of these materials, they are considered “finish grade”.  It is expected that the stairs will be viewed as a showpiece in the room and the wood must be of exceptional quality. Because of this, only wood with knots and flaws up to 1/8″ in size are accepted.

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