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What is a newel post?

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What is a newel post?

An important component of a staircase is a newel post. A newel post is described as the substantial supporting post at the foot of the staircase or the last post at the top. It serves as a support for the handrail's weight as well as an additional ornamental feature in the space. A newel and a newel post differ significantly from one another. A newel is the primary support around which a winding or spiral staircase winds, despite the fact that both are components of a staircase.

Steps circle around the newel, which is connected to every stair. Between each level, a newel will span the whole height. A newel post, by contrast, is normally three feet tall.

The purpose of a newel post

The staircase's newel posts serve as load-bearing structures. The majority of the handrails' weight is supported by them. The handrail extends between the newel posts at the top and bottom of a flight of steps. The kind and design of the stairs can affect how many newel posts are used. An intermediate post is positioned in the midst of a single flight of steps if it is longer than around 10 feet in order to provide additional support. The other side of a staircase will have an adequate number of newel posts for support and security if it is only attached to the wall on one side. Newel posts can be located at the bottom on both sides and perhaps at the top of a stairway that is adjacent to or leads away from a wall. Additionally, newel posts are utilized at each corner where a staircase turns and a landing is present.

Balusters vs. Newel Post

Balusters are much thinner than newel posts and are not designed to hold the weight of the handrail, despite the fact that both are posts on a staircase. Balusters typically resemble newel posts in shape or appearance. For safety reasons, they are arranged in a straight line, spaced a few inches apart, beneath the handrail. This guarantees that the staircase complies with construction codes for the security of those using it, preventing anyone from falling over the railing. More balusters are utilized, usually one or two per step, and they are often smaller in diameter.

Models for newel posts

Simple or elaborate designs are both acceptable for newel posts. Since staircases are sometimes one of the first things visitors see while entering a home, they may also serve as ornamental features. Newel postings fall into four primary types.

The most fundamental posts have a square base and sides and are known as box newel posts. Some of them are hollow, constructed from many boards joined together to form a square, while others are solid wood, crafted from a single piece of lumber. They frequently have flutes, grooves, leaves, or floral designs as decorations.

Turned newel posts typically have a square base and top, but the center portion is narrower and has been decoratively turned on a lathe. It is simple to establish uniformity and symmetry since the patterns are ornamental and easily reproducible.

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