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What are the wood parts of a staircase called? (Stair Anatomy)

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What are the wood parts of a staircase called? (Stair Anatomy)

There are many parts that go into making a staircase. Each of these parts deserve to be presented one by one. At NEFS, we manufacture a wide range of staircase components and we know the usefulness of each of them. Here is an overview of a standard staircase showing each of its components.

Wood Parts

Box Newel: It is a large vertical column/post to which the handrail is attached. Newels provide structural support for the balustrade.

Newel Post: It is an elongated piece of various shapes installed vertically. The post is an important structural element, as it supports the projected loads against the handrail and the balusters while acting as a pillar. It is attached to the handrail as an anchor point.

Baluster: It is a small bar installed laterally and consecutively to support the ramp or a support used to fill the open area between the rail and the stair tread or knee wall.

Handrail: It is the part on which we put our hand on when we go up or down a staircase. When connected to the balusters, the handrail acts as a guardrail in front of a void. The top rail used in a balustrade system; provides a gripping surface for added support.

Fittings: It is a component that is attached to handrail to allow the handrail to start at the bottom of the stairway in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, make transitions in the handrail height or pitch or sit upon the top of over the post newels.

Treads: It is the horizontal part of the where we step on to go up or down. The walking or stepping surface of the stair. The tread is fixed horizontally to the stringer.

Starting Steps: The first tread and riser of a staircase.

Stringer: It is the main structural element of a staircase. The steps are installed horizontally on the stringer in order to hold them securely in place. The stringer is literally the backbone of the staircase.

Riser: It is the vertical part of the step that separates two treads while making the link between them.

Stair nosing(bullnose): It refers to the edge of the tread. This is the part that extends beyond the riser, in other words the part that overhangs it. Also named bullnose, this part is generally rounded or square.


This summarizes the main parts of a standard staircase. For more information, Please feel free to Contact Us:0084-(0)943 615 431 any time.

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