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The greatest part of a stairway is the newel post. They are frequently among the most expensive components of the balustrade due to the size and intricacy of the newel posts. The newel post occasionally does not correspond to the size and design of the railing system because of this. In other words, while postings are necessary, they don't always need to be big and fancy. Also, while stair railing systems are frequently added at the end of projects, if they were not planned for early on, individuals frequently spend more money on other things than they had planned, leaving them with no extra cash for the stair balustrade.

Just a handful of the box newels we provide are shown in these images.

When thinking about house improvements, newel posts might be a smart place to start because many individuals opt to save a little money by upgrading the balustrade's newel posts. A quick and low-cost way to improve the appearance of your stair banister is to replace the newel posts. Very little skill is needed to replace the stair's beginning posts. The new posts are placed after being trimmed to length, and the old ones are removed. Both pre-finished and post-installation finishing are options for newel posts. The new posts may have a style that is comparable to the old posts, or they may be a whole different kind of newel post. Turned newel posts, for instance, might be changed for box newel posts, and vice versa.

The best way to select newel posts

If you choose newel posts that are not the same size as your existing ones, it could be a bit trickier to replace them. The handrails can be replaced with new posts of the same size when upgrading to a more complex or distinctive design than the previous one. The handrails might need to be shortened, though, to make room for the new, larger posts if the post size is increased. The best way to create a dramatic effect is to simply alter the major newel posts at the top of a stair while keeping the others in place. In this instance, it is crucial to make sure that the new posts complement or match the current ones, but they do not have to be exact replicas. Even in brand-new balustrade constructions, the first post, referred to as the grand newel, is frequently bigger and more elaborate than those that follow. In order to make a statement, take this choice into account if you want to add some flair without changing all of your stair sections.

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