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NEFS Furniture Showcases Stunning Wooden Stair Parts at NAHB 2023

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NEFS Furniture Showcases Stunning Wooden Stair Parts at NAHB 2023

LAS VEGAS — The 2023 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders’ Show (IBS), held Jan. 31-Feb. 2 in Las Vegas.

NEFS Furniture Vietnam Co., Ltd, as one of the leading and professional manufacturers of high-quality wooden stair parts, showcased its extensive range of products at the prestigious International Builders' Show (IBS). It is a worldwide premier annual residential housing construction trade event for manufacturers and suppliers of home construction products. This show proved to be a resounding success, drawing in enthusiastic attendees from across the industry. Also, we are one of the few stair parts manufacturers and suppliers from Vietnam that participated in this NAHB IBS.


(NEFS Booth:C8740 Las Vegas 30 Jan, 2023)

We presented a diverse array of stair parts products, including box newels, newel posts, balusters, handrails, fittings, treads, starting steps, and various other staircase accessories. With meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium materials, we demonstrated their dedication to providing top-tier stair components to wholesalers, contractors, and other buyers alike.

Our NEFS booth at the IBS Exhibition attracted significant attention from professionals and enthusiasts in the building and construction industry. Visitors were impressed by the stunning designs, precision engineering, and impeccable finishes exhibited by the stair parts on display. The NEFS team was present throughout the event, engaging in fruitful discussions, exchanging knowledge, and forging valuable partnerships with industry peers.


Looking ahead, NEFS has already confirmed its participation in the next edition of the IBS Exhibition, scheduled to take place in Feb 27-29, 2024 Las Vegas, NV. We plans to build upon the success of this year's event and showcase an even wider range of innovative stair parts, further cementing their position as a leading manufacturer of high-quality wooden staircase components. By combining expertise with advanced manufacturing techniques, NEFS consistently delivers superior products that meet the highest standards.

Welcome to visit our NEFS booth in next IBS 2024. We are looking forward to meeting you there. For more information about NEFS and our wooden stair parts, please feel free to reach us at phone 0084-(0)943 615 431 or email us at

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NEFS Furniture Vietnam Co. Ltd was established in Vietnam 2010. We offer a variety of wooden stair parts, wide ranging from box newels, newel posts, balusters, handrails and other accessories.




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