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A few stair installation tools and hardware, together with very little ability, are all that are needed to complete the process of attaching a handrail to a newel post. We will assume that you have a tape measure, level, saw, and other tools if you are installing your stair balustrade. The bulk of the extra tools required to attach the handrail to a newel post may also be in your toolbox, but below is a list of the exact instruments you'll need for the job (special stair installation tools are bolded).

Tools: Rail Bolt Runner (or vice grip pliers), drill, 14" drill bit, 1" Spade or Forstner drill bit, and 12" Spade or Forstner drill bit.

Step 1

Let's get started with the actual procedure for mounting a handrail to a newel post now that the necessary hardware and equipment have been found. Start by reading this blog, then follow the instructions for planning, drilling, and inserting the rail bolt. Before installing the handrail with the balusters, however, dry fit it. You may then "keyhole" the 12" hole, change the angle of the rail bolt, and do other things as needed. We may start the procedure, though, assuming that the post has been placed, the handrail has been cut to size and length, and its height is known.

Step 2

Step 1's mark is where you should drill a 14-inch hole in the post. Drill a 1" hole at the layout mark from step 1 at the handrail's bottom. Make sure the hole is at least 14 inches deep while being extremely careful not to drill through the top of the rail. Next, drill a 1" hole into the center of the handrail until it breaks through into the 1" hole you previously made (while making sure the hole is parallel to the rail).

Step 3

Incorporate the rail bolt into the post using a rail bolt runner or vice-grip pliers to twist it in. It is customary to screw the rail bolt until the wood threads are completely covered, although it is always best to verify. The rail bolt should stick out from the post by 1 1/2".

Step 4

There are a few modifications to this step depending on the circumstances. When utilizing dowel-top balusters, you usually start on one side, slip the rail over the rail bolt, and then gently lower the other end over the balusters, aligning each one with the proper holes as you go. The differences, however, really start before this step since you cannot slide the rail onto both bolts if your handrail is between posts or between a newel post and a wall (with rail bolts at either end).

There are two options available if you need to install the railing between two posts. One of the posts can be left free so that it can be leaned out of the way. You can then attach the handrail to the secured post side first before lowering it onto the balusters. The loose post is moved out of the way just before the handrail is put in place, then the handrail is lowered into position and the rail bolt is pushed into the handrail. The loose post is finally fastened to the ground.

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